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Vidolab is a progressive computer vision company with deep expertise in machine learning, image and video recognition, OCR and geospatial data analysis. We use AI technologies to transform businesses and industries into high-tech automated companies. Thus, we help our clients reduce the spendings, simplify the working process and make them uncontested market leaders. Check the information below to see what you can do for you or contact us to get a free consultation and let's meet the future!

Reliable Computer Vision Developer with Client-Centered Approach

Reliable Computer Vision Developer with Client-Centered Approach

We are standing out among the competitors due to our expertise and customer-oriented approach. No two companies are the same. That's why our computer vision developers work with narrowly-targeted businesses and pay special attention to their specific needs.

Want to use computer vision, and machine learning to track video events, recognize faces and gestures, tag images, detect damages or run a smart spatial analysis with video sensors? It has never been easier! Even if you know nothing about vision systems and AI, we will make it work for your business. You can learn more about our company or request a callback and get a free consultation with your project estimate right now.

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How Computer Vision Technology Works

How Computer Vision Technology Works

Computer vision technology offers new prospect to businesses and startups. To give you a better understanding of the concept, we will try to explain it in simple terms.

Computer vision is the result of computer science investigations which allows computers to detect, analyze, sort and structure information the way a human eye does. Moreover, with computer visions, computers produce comprehensive models and visualize the results automatically. For instance, if you are dealing with any kind of manufacturing, it can help you identify possible damages, control the process and improve productivity. A smart digital camera can check the assembly line and identify damaged or defective goods. Another device can control the safety of your employees, detect and prevent the dangers.

In general, computer vision can help computers complete the same tasks humans do, but with much better efficiency. Therefore, it is of great interest for all modern business owners and startups.


Computer Vision Services, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Below you can find some of the most popular services offered by Vidolab computer vision company. We help organizations collect, process, categorize, organize and use their data smartly. What is more, we can guide you through all steps of the process, starting from the custom computer vision software development to the equipment installation and configuration. As a result, you will get a fully-functional system created with your business in mind.

Industrial Machine Vision

Industrial Machine Vision

One of our popular computer visions services is industrial automation and machine vision systems development. Machine learning helps to detect damages, sort goods, test their quality and control the overall manufacturing process. We can help you discover all possible ways of machine vision application, create custom software and even pick the cameras!

Intelligent Character Recognition

Intelligent Character Recognition

Vidolab is an expert in optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR). This services will be quite useful if you need to recognize and process the data presented on images, scanned copies, and other records and transform it into text. Even handwritten, stylized, and non-structured information is not a problem for us.

Image Recognition

Image Recognition

We apply artificial intelligence and computer vision techniques to recognize, analyze and interpret the images of any type. Be it an illustration, a photo, or a scheme, we will help you detect specific objects, sort them by colors or content types, as well as properly tag and label them. Be it a face, emotion, a pattern, or a specific object

Video Tracking

Video Tracking

Our computer vision company is an expert in real-time video tracking systems development. We combine AI algorithms with the appropriate digital hardware and provide our clients with the best video object and event tracking. Moreover, this technology helps to develop automated security systems of the next generation.

Video Recognition

Video Recognition

Video Recognition is a perfect solution for clients who need to detect and classify video speech, characters, gestures and content. You can use this information to analyze or create new video catalogs with advanced search systems. Moreover, this technique helps to detect and find information in the video. It can be a specific sound, a word, or an object.

Geospatial Services

Geospatial Services

Vidolab computer vision company has deep expertise in GIS programming and software development. We create automated technologies for spatial data collection and analysis. They can be used to empower your business with all the on-site information with the use of drones, cameras, and smart mapping systems.

That is just a small part of the services, our computer vision company offers. Check the link below to get more information related to our specialization and the technologies we deliver to our clients.


Our Features and Advantages - Computer Vision Made Easy

Computer vision technology has multiple advantages that are transforming businesses every day. Therefore, if you are keeping up-to-date, and do all possible to control, automate and work more effectively, it is the next thing you should consider for your business. Despite the wide use of AI and machine learning, many people still think they are like rocket science and far way too complicated. In order to change your mind, we want to say in some good words about their advantages.

Multiple Application Spheres

Multiple Application Spheres

Bank systems, factories, clinics, and educational establishments already use computer vision on a daily basis. Any niche business can use AI and machine learning techniques and drastically improve its performance.

Accuracy, no Human Factor

Accuracy, no Human Factor

Human error is always possible. However, if you are dealing with complex processes, it can be avoided with the use of computer vision. Computers don't make mistakes. Just make sure to hire a professional computer vision developer 😉



Visual checking and automation can save you hundreds of working hours and bring in good results in the shortest terms. Moreover, it can help you beat the competitors who are still using traditional business tactics.



Investing in computer vision development, you invest in the future. According to the statistics, it pays off within the first several months after the launch. Moreover, system updates are less costly and more effective than human labor

How to Start - Simple Steps to Implement Computer Vision in Your Business

If you are reading this part, it means that you made the right decision and are ready to transform your business into an AI-powered machine. Let's dig deeper into the details and see where to start and how to run the application process in several simple steps.

Understand Your Goal

Before you plunge into the world of computer vision development, it is highly recommended to think over some exact goals you would like to achieve. Usually, it starts with identifying some problem parts or processes in your business model. E.g., if you struggle to decrease the number of defects and product flows - set a reduction goal and estimate, how much you will save after this change.

Estimation of Savings

As far as you have estimated the profit, and decided that it is a worthy undertaking - it's high time to contact a reliable computer vision company to help you with the development. Vidolab makes the process easy for you. Getting started is easy. Just send us a message with some words about your business and plans, and we will get back with the estimate and the best solution.

Time Estimates

All projects differ, and there is no common estimate for any possible cases. It can depend on multiple factors, such as the complexity of the task, the amount of data to be analyzed or the digital equipment if there is any. Small projects, such as simple algorithm and neural networks creation, can take several weeks to be completed. However, working with big data and manufacturing processes can take much more time.

Let's Get It Started

As soon as the technical task, time and price are estimated, our computer vision developers will start working with your project. To make sure that you see the progress and understand what we do, we will provide you with the detailed reports on every stage of the process. We are also open to suggestions, reconsideration, and fixes in case you need any. In any case, don't hesitate to contact us to receive more detailed information during the free consultancy.

Project Support and Monitoring

When the computer vision system is up and running, we support our clients with additional services after the setup. It means that you can continue to cooperate with Vidolab computer vision company to get high-quality updates and supplementary services at affordable prices. The same relates to minor development tasks and projects, be it software development, or on-site works.


Meet Our Clients

Here are some of our clients who already successfully use computer vision technologies. Feel free to check them and the projects we have done together to see how we can help your business.


Computer Vision Company Projects and Case Studies

Vidolab computer vision company already helped hundreds of startups and businesses implement machine learning and artificial intelligence. Below you will find a couple of them together with a short overview of the results we achieved.

Government of Georgia - Car Recognition

Vidolab computer vision company is cooperating with both private and governmental organizations. One of our projects was related to the development of an automatic vehicle plate recognition. It solved such tasks as:

  • CV algorithm creation;
  • automatic car plate recognition;
  • computer vision car tracking;
  • stolen vehicles detection.

Social Network - NSFW Content Filtering

This project solved the issue of not safe for work (NSFW) images on a popular social network. As a result, we have created a neural network (NN) which automatically checks uploaded images and videos for NSFW content. You will find some of the services we provided.

  • real-time image NSFW checking;
  • video stream processing;
  • NN training;
  • data normalization.

KeyHub - Image Similarity Comparison

One of our clients is KeyHub, a startup which compares real estate listings to detect the same or similar properties on different web-pages. Our technical task included the following points.

  • Identify similar products by images;
  • create a search engine technical challenge;
  • extract feature vectors from the images;
  • create search database DB for the feature vectors.

If you are curious to check other projects our computer vision company has done for different business niches and startups, don`t hesitate to check then by using the link below. We hope that you will also join the team of our satisfied clients!


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