Computer Vision Questions and Answers

Below you will find the most frequently asked computer vision questions and answers. We hope that it will help you get a better understanding of the technology and find the answer to your questions on AI, machine vision, business growth, and development. However, if you need more information or have a specific question related to your business model - don`t hesitate to contact us for more details. We are always ready to help!

Frequently Asked Questions on AI, Computer Vision and Machine Vision

How can computer vision help my business grow?

It is a widely known fact that computer vision is transforming businesses every day. Computer vision technologies have been in broad use for decades, however, when it comes to their application to a real business and production cases, a distinctive approach is needed. Depending on your business needs and niche, it can bring you the following advantages:

  • business processes automation;
  • cheaper production cost;
  • time-saving and quicker task completion;
  • workspace environment safety;
  • better quality control;
  • big data analytics and easy reporting;
  • better ROI.

If you have other computer vision questions related to the use of technologies for your business, check more information on our services page.

How can computer vision and artificial intelligence reduce my production cost?

Nowadays, machine and computer vision technologies become more and more affordable. Some of the modern vision systems with smart cameras cost under $10 000 and can bring significant savings in less than one year. That is due to the reduction of spendings on human labor, quality control, and product testing.

Moreover, computer vision technologies can significantly speed-up the production and make your return on investment truly impressive. We can help you run a quick estimate of the development cost compared to the yearly savings you will get. Just contact us for a free consultation to see how much you will save.

I have a small development task, can you help?

When it comes to computer vision and new development challenges - you will never hear "no" from us. Be it a small task to be completed, or a large industrial automation machine vision system, we will do all possible to accomplish the task and make you satisfied with the result.

What technologies do you work with?

We are a team of full-stack developers and can complete the projects of any type. In addition to computer vision and machine vision projects, we are also dealing with web scraping, neural networks, and web development. Therefore, cooperating with Vidolab, you will get a reliable partner with a diversity of programming and management skills that can perform end-to-end development tasks of any kind.

What makes you different from other computer vision developers?

The first and foremost thing that makes us different is our versatility and multitasking. In contrast to the competitors, we are accepting all kinds of technical challenges and create turn-key solutions for our clients. It means that you will never get a "one size fits all" software everyone uses. We create appropriate solutions that meet your business specific needs.

Who are your clients?

Most of our clients are startups, small and medium-sized businesses. However, we have worked and continue to collaborate with several governmental establishments and industrial manufacturers. You can find more details and read their reviews on our projects page.

How do you estimate the price for my project?

This is one of the most tricky computer vision questions. The final cost of your project depends on multiple factors, such as the amount of work to be done by the development team, the hardware you might need, updates and support of the system you might need. Tell us more about the task, and we will send you more details with related prices. The consultation with Vidolab representatives is no-obligation and free. Just send us an email, initiate a Skype chat, or request a callback.

How do I integrate your technology?

Any computer vision and AI technologies developed by Vidolab can be integrated either by our specialists or by your in-house team. Usually, we integrate the systems ourselves to make sure that both software and hardware work appropriately, make possible settings and fixes. However, we have excellent communication and collaboration skills and can work with other teams if needed.

How much time would it take to complete the project?

The time estimate, as well as the expenditure, is discussed with the clients based on business needs and urgency. The technical task needs to be reviewed by our specialist and can be discussed during the consultation. In most cases, it is highly recommended to run a demo project with a partial task to make sure that the time and cost estimates are satisfactory for the client.

What do I need to start?

You need to have an idea of what business sectors of your current business model are the most problematic and need a computer vision solution.

Secondly, you will need to estimate your goal and formulate a technical task you want to be solved.

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