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Vidolab is a leading geospatial intelligence agency providing services for businesses with GIS software development and customization. The automated technologies we offer are a perfect choice for any company that depends on spatial data collecting and analysis. Whether you want to identify diseased crops for agriculture businesses, create an exhaustive 3D topographic map or plan infrastructure development, Vidolab geospatial services are an answer. Our in-depth knowledge and broad practical experience will help find the best solution to fully meet your project requirements.


The Essence of GIS

A geographic information system (simply GIS) is a computer-based tool to assemble, store, manipulate, analyze, and visualize geographically referenced data. GIS combines spatial and attribute data (additional information about each of the spatial features). To put it simply, GIS connects data to geography to enable comprehensive spatial analysis. Such an analysis makes it possible to evaluate suitability and capability as well as estimate and predict. In a word, it lends new perspectives to deeper insights and helps make smarter decisions.

GIS is a powerful tool that allows:
  • to map the spatial location of the real-world objects and visualize the spatial relationships among them;
  • to map quantities and find the places that meet the certain quantitative criteria (for instance, the optimal amount of water sources for irrigation in agriculture);
  • to map densities or concentration (for example, the density of population in the definite area);
  • to find out what is happening inside a specific area/region or within a set distance of the object or event;
  • to determine the changes inside a certain geographic area to anticipate future conditions or evaluate the results of an action.

Thousands of companies worldwide from various business fields use GIS for their benefit. They rely on geospatial services in identifying problems, monitoring change, managing and responding to events, forecasting, and setting priorities. To cut a long story short, with GIS they get the most from all types of geospatial data for their business flourishing.


Vidolab Geospatial Intelligence Agency – Reliable Assistant in Your Business Projects

Vidolab geospatial intelligence agency provides state-of-the-art GIS software for the needs of various businesses. The smart solutions we offer can be used for geospatial data collection, management, visualization, and analysis. In a word, we propose you a full set of powerful tools irreplaceable in the creation of GIS-related products capable of bringing your business to the next level. The customized geospatial software from Vidolab help you create:

Full Motion Geotagged Video

Full motion video is a vital tool for aerial surveys, inspections, surveillance, and evidence management. It uses metadata for converting coordinates between the video image space and map space. As a result, you can interpret your video data in the full context of other geospatial data within your GIS. Full motion video allows you to analyze the data either in real time or forensically.

Thanks to Vidolab geospatial services you’ll not only get quick access to the valuable information. You’ll also be able to geotag your videos either automatically or manually. This means that you’ll never miss any critical detail. Besides, it’s not a problem to snap a still image from your video if a certain scene arouses your interest. Such collections of geotagged images are a helpful tool for further analysis.


It goes without saying that aerial photos are one of the main tools of GIS data acquisition and visualization. However, as usual, they are not accurate enough because of the distortion. The topographical variations of the landscape and the tilt of the camera affect the quality of the images. In fact, the more topographically diverse the landscape, the more distortion in the photo occurs. That is when orthorectification becomes a way out. It allows turning aerial photos into orthophotos (or orthoimages) by removing distortion. As a result, you get an accurate image useful for your GIS project.

Vidolab geospatial intelligence agency offers you the software that will assist you in this process. It will enable you to effortlessly edit your aerial photos by removing capture errors. This means that you’ll get geometrically correct orthophotos for making direct measurements of distances, angles, positions, and areas.

Smart Geospatial Maps

It’s quite obvious that maps are an incredible way of presenting data visually. They depict the location and extent of the feature, its attributes (characteristics), and its relationship to other features. Geospatial mapping enables to see the connection between a particular data point and its relevance to the real world. Thus geospatial mapping makes it easy to see the large-scale trends, local phenomena and change over time. Map areas can differ in accordance with the user’s individual need. They can be as wide as a continent or as detailed as a street. Geospatial maps can contain multiple layers of information, for instance, terrain, administrative boundaries, sales territories, etc. They visualize massive volumes of location data thus enabling various businesses to make better-informed decisions.

It doesn’t matter what type of the thematic map you want to create. In any case, Vidolab geospatial intelligence agency is ready to help. With our smart solutions, your maps will be extremely detailed and visually stunning at the same time.

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Geospatial Services - Effective Solution for Better Decision Making

Geospatial data is a valuable source that many businesses rely on nowadays. It’s not surprising. In fact, timely and relevant data can mean the difference between success and failure. The proper collection and comprehensive analysis of geospatial data help companies in different business fields to significantly improve efficiency by making wise strategic decisions.

Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry

Geospatial data is of vital importance to the oil and gas industry. That’s why more and more oil and gas businesses invest in geospatial services. Unquestionably, everything from defining the proper spot to drill a well to piping planning requires accurate data for favorable decisions. Survey drone technology provides oil and gas infrastructure with fast, cost-effective remote inspection and monitoring solutions. It allows oil and gas companies not only to search for geological features that indicate the likely presence of fossil fuels. It also helps understand the impact of the project on the environment. Besides, it enables the planning and monitoring of post-operation clean-up and remediation of drilling sites.

Mining and Geology

Mining and geology are the backbone of the economy of many countries. The rapid depletion of natural resources has led to the implementation of policies that ensure their sustainability. Fortunately, mining and geology industries have found the way out. They began to make use of geospatial services. That is where 3D maps became an effective tool. Such maps with precise and desired scaling amalgamate all the information regarding the concerned area. What’s more, GIS technologies are applied in the area of coal mine safe production. It’s a common fact that the risk of fire in coal mines is rather high. The remote monitoring of the process helps assess spontaneous combustion risk and increase the ability of better decision making.

Mining and Geology
Forestry and Timber

Forestry and Timber

Geospatial services are widely used nowadays in the forestry and timber industry. They help improve productivity, save time, money, and manpower in forest management activities. Both government and commercial organizations require geospatial services to perform value assessments for certification, funding, policy recommendations, and regulatory compliances. GIS assists in analyzing conditions in wooded areas and taking the right decisions. Firstly, it is useful for determining how to best utilize the land. Secondly, it helps effectively plan harvests. Thirdly, it enables preserving ecosystems. Finally, geospatial services allow forest fire hazard zone mapping. Besides, they are also irreplaceable in capturing real-time monitoring of fire-prone areas.


Agriculture is one more field that broadly employs geospatial services for its benefit. The geospatial data is vital for creating more efficient farming techniques. It helps increase food production worldwide while reducing the cost and the effort spent. Satellites and drones used for remote sensing gather the information about the earth’s surface by scanning it from high altitudes. The collected data is converted into visible digital imagery. It is helpful when it comes to general objectives such as plants disease detection or managing water for irrigation consumption. Soil maps make it possible to understand soil suitability for different land use activities. They are important to prevent environmental deterioration caused by the misuse of land. Also, geospatial services provide a solution to the pest and weed problem.

Urban Planning

Urban Planning

It’s a common fact that the population of our planet is constantly growing. Consequently, there’s an urgent need for infrastructure development. However, planning a city is not simply finding a vacant lot to erect buildings. It’s all about the strategic placement of public, residential, business, and governmental structures. Frankly speaking, the mission is just impossible without the assistance of a geospatial intelligence agency. Geospatial services are indispensable in space management, visualization, and planning. First and foremost, GIS technology can help to define a suitable site for the future city. The land should be more or less flat, with proper accessibility and good water supply. Next, it’s useful for locating underground pipes and cables. What’s more, it’s the best way to find alternative energy resources for a city.

Traffic and Transportation

The role of geospatial data in transportation industry can’t be overestimated. It’s highly important for managing transportation and logistical issues. Firstly, it’s necessary for planning new railway and road routes. Relevant environmental and topographical data allows working out the flattest route with the least damage to natural habitats and disturbance from local people. Secondly, GIS is perfect to monitor the existing rail systems as well as road conditions. Thirdly, it is effectively used to manage traffic problems. With geospatial services, such information as speed data, road geometry, traffic flow, etc. is at your disposal. Finally, GIS is an efficient tool that enables minimizing accident hazard on roads. Due to identifying the accident locations, local administrations are able to carefully plan remedial measures.

Traffic and Transportation
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The Advantages of Vidolab Geospatial Services

Vidolab geospatial intelligence agency is a team of passionate experts in GIS software fully devoted to our customers. With our outstanding geospatial services you are guaranteed to get:

Deep Understanding of Your Business Needs

Deep Understanding of Your Business Needs

Geospatial services are an area of expertise where a deep and wide understanding of your business needs is crucial. Our broad experience in the field allows us to provide you with the most precise solution your company requires.

Rapid Turnaround Times

Rapid Turnaround Times

We value your time and always meet the deadlines. We clearly outline what your priorities and timeframes are from the very start. It enables us to deliver timely solutions right when you need them.

Professional Customer Support

Professional Customer Support

Choosing Vidolab geospatial services you get a qualified team of pros capable of making your project vision a reality. Our clients are our most precious treasure. We are fully at your disposal at every turn whenever you need advice or support.

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