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Vidolab provides top industrial computer vision services that can be applied to any manufacturing process at any stage of production. Our team specializes in industrial machine vision and is capable of developing custom machine vision algorithms and applications that will cater to the needs of your industry to the fullest. With the smart machine vision technologies, we can and will make your business safe, cost-effective, and automized!


Defining Industrial Machine Vision

The industrial machine vision is a complex integration of optical, electronic, and sensor software into a manufacturing process. The main goal of implementing the industrial machine vision is to enhance the productivity of an enterprise and lower the production costs at the same time. The safety and the quality control also belong to the most common reasons to give industrial machine vision a try.

Depending on your goals, the industrial machine vision can mean using a number of instruments, like video cameras and image sensors, as well as custom-built software. The data sources for machine vision technologies are diverse too. They include images of produced items, live videos about the production process etc.

The best part about the modern industrial machine vision services is that you are given an access to the exhaustive analysis of any number of manufacturing phases. The complexity of correlations between the phases, the equipment used, and the staff responsible is no longer a problem thanks to the powerful modern AI technologies.


Machine Vision Technologies in Practice

Industrial machine vision services from Vidolab cover the full lifecycle of an enterprise. In practice, it means that your business will benefit from the cooperation with us if you want to:

Increase the Productivity

Machine vision technologies allow you to identify manufacturing flaws early enough so that you can tackle these flaws immediately. Mostly, machine vision in manufacturing is applied to a certain production process, e.g. packaging or labeling. However, it is also possible to use a vision system for quality inspection for the whole manufacturing cycle. Increasing the productivity of your business can be as easy as ABC!

Optimize Production

The data that you receive from industrial machine vision applications can be used to find the overlooked opportunities or neglected alternatives for your enterprise. No matter how quickly you produce, sell, and restock your inventory, there is still some room for perfection, isn’t there? With the professional machine vision quality control from Vidolab, you know that your business is on the right track.

Reorganize/Rebrand Your Company

There are many purely technical and workload issues that can lead to the complete reorganization of your business. We can help you start the reorganization process with a thorough industrial quality inspection. The reliable data on workload imbalance, operation inefficiencies etc. is what you need before you make any big decisions on changing the organizational structure of your business.

Enhancing the Competitive Advantage

Industrial machine vision is one of the most effective ways to beat your immediate market rivals. By detecting the irregularities in the manufacturing phases and triggering the appropriate coping mechanisms in the early stages, your enterprise can produce an item at a lower price. With machine vision technologies from Vidolab, you know that you utilize all your resources to manufacture goods with the highest price-performance ratio.

Implement Machine Vision Algorithms

At Vidolab, we not only provide industrial machine vision services but also develop effective machine vision algorithms and applications. Our team is ready to come up with several industrial applications of computer vision that will be tailored to the needs of your enterprise to the fullest. In addition, we can be of assistance if you need help with picking the required equipment, as well as installing and supervising it.

Industrial Machine Vision for the Whole Business Lifecycle WHEN YOU CAN USE IT

Industrial Machine Vision for the Whole Business Lifecycle

We are well aware of the fact that you as a representative of an industrial enterprise have high pre-purchase expectations. We are 100% ready to meet these expectations in a timely manner. Our team guarantees the highest quality of machine vision services, even if deadlines are strict. To learn more details, feel free to contact us for a free consultation to discuss:

  • Problems and challenges that your enteprise is facing;
  • Possible ways of getting the manufacturing cycle optimized;
  • The type and the approximate cost of the most appropriate machine vision equipment;
  • The development of customized software for damage detection and quality inspection purposes.
  • The integration of the developed software into the manufacturing cycle.

As you understand, our team specializes in complex and unconventional machine vision solutions for industrial purposes. We offer complete supervision for the whole manufacturing cycle. In other words, Vidolab developers will be glad to assist you with optimizing any manufacturing phase, at any stage of implementing computer vision services.

Intrigued? Contact Our Developers for More Details!

Feel free to contact us to more advanced ideas on industrial machine vision!


Machine Vision Technologies in Action

Any successful business is a fluent concept that undergoes multiple changes. To track those changes and turn them into constructive results, you have to keep your eyes in a ball. Being realistic about the current status of your business is an absolute must for most industries. This is where industrial applications of computer vision come in handy. Reliable, impartial, and customized to your needs, these applications can shed light on the most insignificant details that influence your enterprise. Give industrial machine vision services from Vidolab a try and let us impress you!

Computer Vision Guidance

Computer Vision Guidance

Machine vision technologies can be used to boost the efficiency of your stuff and the productivity of your equipment. For instance, instead of searching for specific items on a production line manually, the system of machine vision quality control can locate the items within seconds. Having located the items, the system can allow the operators to choose the appropriate factor input decision, like putting a tag on the items, remove them from the production line, or pack.

You can also implement computer vision guidance to advanced sorting operations. The machine vision manufacturing allows you to adopt as many search criteria as needed. That is why our team can develop machine algorithms for identifying production items based on several factors, e.g. size, color, volume etc. Once developed, these algorithms can be used to create user-friendly applications for your convenience.

Damage Detection

A professional vision system for quality inspection is the most reliable way to identify damaged goods as early as possible. Machine vision technologies give you multiple opportunities for the industrial quality inspection. For example, we at Vidolab can help you integrate these technologies into the manufacturing cycle to perform the following tasks:

  • Detect the faulty items that drastically differ from the samples;
  • Trigger the reject mechanisms, like removing the faulty item from the production line.

With Vidolab, you will be the first to know what major/minor aspects of your enterprise get faulty more often and - most importantly - why.

Damage Detection
Distance Measurements

Distance Measurements

Replacing the traditional visual inspection with the industrial machine vision is also very convenient if you want to measure distances. The accuracy of the industrial machine vision is much higher in comparison to a regular visual inspection. That is why if you choose Distance Measurements services from Vidolab, you can be sure that your enterprise is a safe place for employees.

It is also possible to use machine vision algorithms to develop the best practices for packing and storing manufactured items. What is more, the industrial machine vision allows you to measure distances between parts of the manufactured items. For instance, machine vision technologies can be applied to measure the distance between a safety ring and a bottle, checking how well the bottle is closed.

Quality Inspection

As you know, the performance of your business depends not only on the number of goods your staff can produce during one working shift. Actually, this is the quality of goods that mostly determines your success as a manufacturer on the market. To ensure the highest quality possible, you need to stay impartial and analyze tons of data.

Opt for Vidolab industrial machine vision services to conduct a continuous check on the manufactured goods. There are quite a few aspects that can be inspected for quality assurance. These aspects are size, color, volume, contents, shape, length, uniformity ratio, etc. The possible mechanisms include contacting the staff responsible for the manufactured items or moving the items to the previous operation line.

Quality Inspection
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Check out our completed projects to learn that we are ready to face any challenge related to machine vision technologies!

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Machine Vision Technologies from Vidolab to Stand Out

Industrial machine vision services from Vidolab can be the best business decision you have ever made. We can assure you that we get access to your business data, we will do everything in our power to conduct a thorough analysis of your manufacturing cycle. Whatever industry you represent, whatever budget you have, whatever challenges lie ahead of our team, the professional developers from Vidolab will think of the ways to transform your business for the better!

Manage Your Time Effectively

Manage Your Time Effectively

At Vidolab, we know that time is money, especially for big industrial enterprises. That is why it is one of our corporate values to guarantee that we meet the deadlines our clients set no matter what. Time-saving technologies are also taken into consideration to develop custom machine vision algorithms and applications.

Spend Your Budget Reasonably

Spend Your Budget Reasonably

There is no need to hire full-time developers to have professional industrial machine vision services at your disposal. Choose Vidolab to perform the solid research on your business capacities at reasonable prices. Enjoy the best price-performance ratio Vidolab stands for and become one of our returning clients!

Demand High Accuracy

Demand High Accuracy

We realize how high stakes are in an industrial world. That is why we are ready to guarantee the quality of our findings. Using the most advanced industrial machine vision technologies, our developers always keep up with the latest trends in the computer vision field. Challenge us with any task to see how accurate we solve it!

Expect Industry-Specific Ideas

Expect Industry-Specific Ideas

The variety of businesses and the data they need to get identified predetermines the demand for high precision when it comes to computer vision services. We are well aware of the fact that to optimize the production and help you beat the competition we need niche-specific ideas. Not only can our developers come up with these ideas, but also they are able to develop software to implement these ideas effectively.


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