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Vidolab is one of the leading brands in computer vision technology development and a reliable machine vision company. Since our business start in 2015, we have been cooperating with hundreds of clients in multiple business niches and transformed the way they work. If you want to stay competitive and focus on high technology standards and automation - the future of your company starts here!


Company Created By People for People

We have worked to create a real company to whom you can trust your business. By requesting the assistance of Vidolab machine vision company, you will never hear that your task is too hard or impossible to perform. Instead, you will talk to a real person who can provide a sober estimate and make a worthwhile suggestion to improve your business.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We have made it our mission to become a machine vision company that brings moderns technologies and makes them work for people needs.

We are also struggling to bring new standards of quality control and coordination, combining software and hardware best practices, and providing our clients with full-stack solutions.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a reliable and widely known machine vision company who can complete any task and take any technical challenge regardless of its difficulty.

If you are planning to implement industrial automation in your business, use optical control, or need to process much data, nobody will help you better than us.

Our Values

Our Values

Our core value is the customer. We are a machine vision company that does its utmost to make the clients fully satisfied with the provided services and solutions.

Moreover, most of our clients continue using our services, because of our reliability and quality control. That is due to our regular contact, support and prompt problem solutions.


Machine Vision Company with a Story

Originally started as a startup in 2015, we have been working on computer and machine vision projects long before. Initially, it was a small group of developers getting clients orders on Upwork and other freelance projects. However, with the growing confidence and many new clients, we had to switch to a new business model and extend our team.

Now Vidolab is a machine vision lab with more than 30 employees and hundreds of clients all around the world. Being lead by the same people, we manage to keep a high level of support and customer services. That's why our clients return with their new projects and challenges. Because we are the only company, who can serve them on a turnkey basis.


Meet Our Team

Any good machine vision company starts with the people who stay behind the scene. We at Vidolab are proud to work with the best machine vision experts and business development specialists. On the page below you can find out more information about our dedicated team and connect with us in person using email, Skype or social networks.

Sergii Klius

Sergii Klius


Sergii helps startups and enterprise businesses transform their infrastructure and make minor or core improvements to increase their revenue through data processing, machine vision technology, and computer vision. He is a real tech geek which allows him personally lead a team of developers and supervise the technical side of the client projects.

His principal responsibilities include, but are not limited to the project analysis, team management, task management, and quality control. Therefore, you can be sure that any project done by our machine vision company will be in expert hands and conducted by professionals.

Skills and Competencies

Data Collecting & Cleansing

Data Processing and Visualization

AI and Computer Vision Algorithms

Machine Learning

Alexander Demchenko


Alexander has a considerable amount of expertise in industrial production and modern technologies implementation. He has been working at executive positions in manufacturing and is a founder of several startups. In 2015 he became a co-founder of Introlab Systems web scraping lab and Vidolab computer vision and machine vision company.

His level of expertise in both software development and product manufacturing helps him to clearly understand the small, medium-size, and enterprise business needs and create the most suitable machine vision technology solutions for each of the cases.

Skills and Competencies

Business Analysis

Data Analysis

CRM Systems

Data Management

Alexander Demchenko

Machine Vision Company - Developers

The team is what makes an organization successful. Our machine vision lab is not an exception. We are proud to work with the best machine and computer vision developers who know what they do. What is more, they are team players and can solve any issue in close collaboration. Below we are presenting some of their core skills so that you could see that we have the expertise to all cases.

Ioseb Khutsishvili

Team Leader and Head Software Developer

Ioseb is a full-stack solution architect and team leader with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and more than 20 years of experience. He is a solution architect and team leader with a particular interest and passion in neural networks and machine learning systems development.


Kakha Kuloshvili

Full Stack Python Developer

Kakha is a Python expert with advanced skills of data scraping, analysis, and structuring. He has been working with private and governmental commercial and educational projects since 2011. Hist special skills include, but are not limited to document management systems creation, OCR and XML structures development.


Giorgi Beridze

Full stack Java developer

Giorgi is a software developer with more than 10-years experience. He has developed multiple enterprise applications using Java EE and Javascript technologies and is open for new tasks and programming challenges. His interests include creating new algorithms and reading about the current Computer Science technologies.


Davit Abulashvili

Full Stack Developer

Davit is a senior software developer with a particular interest in software architecture and design. He has an MA in Computer Science and works with the state and private projects as a full-stack developer and technology consultant.


Levan Tsinadze

Software Architect

Levan is a software architect with versatile Java development skills. He has created custom solutions for multiple companies, which include both state and open-source projects. Being an expert in computer vision, Levan joined Vidolab team in 2018.

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What Is Machine Vision Technology?

What Is Machine Vision Technology?

Here we would like to give you some background information about the concept of machine vision, its application, and components. Therefore, you will get more information and will be able to decide if you need this technology for your business.

Machine vision is a term that defines a particular type of complex technologies that are used to process and analyze the information the way humans do with the aim of process automation and optimization. Software algorithms can detect, identify and analyze the objects and processes in visual mode and give signals and directives to hardware devices.

For example, smart optical sensors of industrial cameras and other devices can detect damaged goods and give a signal to the operator to remove them from the line. Alternatively, it can send a signal to another automatic system which makes the sorting without a human operator. As a result, the production process becomes much faster and more productive.

Why is it so popular?

Because it is the easiest way to increase production efficiency. Moreover, if the production takes place in a hazardous or dangerous environment, it helps save the workers` health, which is the first and foremost priority of all companies. More than that, specific machine vision technologies can be used to check if the employees are wearing safety helmets and other protective equipment. Thus, the injuries and accidents are avoided and prevented.


What We Can Do for Your Business

Machine vision technology is not just the way to keep up-to-date and overrank your competitors. Furthermore, it provides opportunities for your business development and productivity increase. Want to know how Vidolab machine vision company can help you? Check the advantages below, and you will have no doubts to give it a try!

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Automation always means the reduction of costs spent on product development. Particularly, using machine vision technologies in your business, you will be able to reduce the costs of quality control, testing, and other spheres. Considering that they are the most expensive parts, your savings can be impressive.

ROI Improvement

ROI Improvement

Quick return on investment (ROI) is one more reason why startups and business owners need a machine vision company to help them with the development. According to the statistics, assembly lines and machine vision damage detection can increase your company productivity by 5 times. It causes annual ROI growth

Productivity Increase

Productivity Increase

One more thing we can do for your business is increasing the productivity of your current systems and machines. It means that if you already have specialized equipment and human resources, we can help you make them work more productively with the help of digital machine vision technologies.



Reliability is especially important if you are dealing with complicated machines and multiple controls. Especially, if you are dealing with industrial production, which requires higher levels of stability and quality monitoring. Here is where we can do all hard work for you by creating automated machine vision systems.

Faster Production

Faster Production

Time is money. We know hundreds of projects that failed just because they were not the first to use new technologies or offers in their production. That is why you need a reliable machine vision company not to make the same mistakes and to be faster than your competitors. Don`t waste your time, contact us and get professional advice for free right now!

Support and Improvement

Support and Improvement

We take care of all our systems and make sure they work correctly and effectively. That is why, if you need recurrent updates, Visionlab machine vision company will be your number one partner and our specialists will always help. Be it regular support, minor fixes, or general system improvements - we are always here to help you.

If you are wondering what else we can do for your business, check all our services below or contact us with your question.

Don`t hesitate, we will get back with the best offer for your business shortly!