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Advanced OCR services from Vidolab allow you to minimize the time you spend on one project drastically. You will be amazed to experience how promptly and accurately our team handles your visual data thanks to the professional optical character recognition technology we use. Believe it or not, the OCR scanning services from Vidolab are always of the highest quality no matter how tight your deadlines are.


Defining Computer Vision OCR Services

OCR services (aka optical character recognition services) are aimed at identifying text characters using a modern computer vision technology. The basic principle of OCR is feature detection. Computers are taught to single out patterns specific to an analyzed letter (or any other character, for that matter). Once a program has tested enough data, it starts identifying letters with specific sets of patterns effectively. Once identified, these sets get digitized. Put simply, optical character recognition is all about digitizing words, labels, signs etc.

The most common reasons to opt for optical character recognition are:

  • To allow a user to edit the digitized data;
  • To sort the data chronologically, alphabetically, or otherwise;
  • To search the data for specific details;
  • To store the digitized data efficiently;
  • To use the data for the further AI researches.

OCR Services for Every Project

VidoLab is changing the way the text data is analyzed thanks to its revolutionary optical character recognition machine learning. We offer excellent OCR services to businesses, individual researchers, and organizations in the public sector at reasonable prices:

Libraries and Archives

With computer vision OCR, librarians and archive specialists can optimize the time spent on the organization of their materials. Computer vision allows to catalog, prepare, and classify text holdings easily. For instance, a professional OCR application can facilitate the process of entering the classification information to the fullest. Instead of hiring an extra assistant or two responsible for developing and indexing databases, you can simply opt for OCR from Vidolab today!

Research Centers

Computer vision OCR is a reliable way to speed up your scientific project. Creating editable and shareable documents from printed sources with professional OCR technologies takes up to a few hours, thus giving you more time on the research itself. The accuracy of OCR services from Vidolab is so high that you can forget about tedious retyping. Extracting text blocks from printed sources as well as identifying characters printed on banners, posters, and packages is also our cup of tea.

Government Agencies

Most government agencies deal with huge amount of data on a regular basis. That is why OCR can be applied to identify the text data without involving administration staff. In comparison to the traditional approach to the text processing, OCR is much less time-consuming and as a result more cost-effective. Also, modern OCR technologies are more accurate than manual re-typing, leaving little room for typing errors.


As most modern banks prefer their customers to use online banking, OCR can be used to recognize different types of bank documents without any bank staff being involved. For instance, intelligent optical character recognition can help to identify the information on invoices and bank statements. What is more, with OCR services from Vidolab, you can minimize the time spent on processing checks and credit card slips. One more possible way to apply OCR in your bank is to create an editable soft copy for a printed document.

Post Offices

The professional OCR software is capable of recognizing handwritten text, like addresses on an envelope. That is why applying OCR services for sorting letters as well as packages according to the address mentioned is a real timesaver. Once recognized, the address can be verified by comparing the findings with actual addresses in the postal database. Also, OCR is used to sort printed media, like magazines and newspapers, which contributes to the quicker and more efficient mail delivery.

Transportation Companies

The most obvious way that the transportation industry can benefit from OCR services is the automatic number plate recognition. Modern OCR systems are capable of recognizing text data, preserving the original design and the layout of the data, and adding an appropriate image. This can be used to develop extensive traffic databases for highway agencies. Also, airports can apply OCR services for recognizing the passports and extracting the personal information quicker.


Computer Vision OCR Services from Vidolab - Top of the Range

We at Vidolab believe that the optical character recognition service is a demanding field where the accuracy and the quality of the analysis play the crucial role. As the text data can come in all possible forms, our team is always ready to respond to whatever challenges your project is facing. We will do our best to conduct optical character recognition using deep learning and the latest computer vision technologies. The range of our OCR services online include digitizing data regardless of such factors:

Any Type of Data

At Vidolab, we believe that any text data can be subject to analysis. We have got enough experience to work out effective computer vision algorithms for all handwriting styles.

Put simply, our developers are ready to apply computer vision services to any type of text information in no time. What is more, if required, we can develop the OCR software to preserve the original layout of a text document after all the characters are recognized. You can also expect us to recognize all sorts of codes (like barcodes or data matrix codes) as well as to create productive machine vision algorithms to add images to your data.

Numerous Patterns of Data

Our team is competent enough to provide top OCR services for projects that demand the identification of a certain text pattern. For instance, we have had projects where the text data was recognized with the aim to track a certain text pattern, e.g. the red color of a specific set of text characters.

We can offer even more sophisticated OCR services for complex projects, involving text data. We guarantee the high accuracy when identifying text characters based on as many patterns as needed, e.g. color, shape, size, style etc. Our team is also ready to work with text data representing the sensitive personal information.


Computer Vision OCR Without Limits

At Vidolab, we are ready to get your text data recognized accurately within the shortest terms possible. After conducting optical character recognition using deep learning, we can also help you with the systematization of data and its verification. Finally, our developers are capable of developing the customized software, specifically tailored to the needs of your projects. No matter what OCR services from Vidolab you choose, you can be sure that you get the text data handled professionally. The quality of our OCR services results from the three cornerstones of our corporate philosophy, and namely:



Our developers realize that you opt for Vidolab to get your project optimized in a timely manner. So, we do our best to avoid any struggle when it comes to meeting the set deadlines. We guarantee that our tech support and the customized OCR software from Vidolab will work like clockwork to help you sort through text data of any volume productively. Even if it seems impossible in the early stages, we will make sure that your text data remains properly handled.



We accept all sort of challenges connected with the professional OCR services. We will deal with any level of difficulty. Believe it or not, it is not important how much your text data document has been exposed to sunlight and oxygen. It is even less important what type of paper your data is printed on. It is also insignificant what device was used to type the data or how old the text documents are, for that matter. Any script, any handwriting style, all known coding systems.



Our developers are well-informed that in OCR details matter. Big time. We realize that there are many misleading factors that come hand in hand with computer vision. That is why at Vidolab, all our findings are double- (if not triple-) checked with a help of modern optical character recognition technology. We are proud to say that our team can achieve up to 95%+ accuracy with any type of text data.

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The Most Recent Computer Vision OCR Services Project from Vidolab

The Most Recent Computer Vision OCR Services Project from Vidolab

Our last project where we offered our expertise in OCR services was the automatic number plate recognition for the government of Georgia. We developed effective machine vision algorithms that allowed us to recognize characters (both Cyrillic and Latin) and numbers on a vehicle registration plate. The data we managed to gather was further used to track stolen vehicles as well as to control the traffic on a national level in Georgia.

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