Vidolab - AI and Сomputer Vision Services that Take Your Business to a Whole New Level

Vidolab is your #1 choice for projects that demand computer vision services. Our team of professional developers can guarantee the exhaustive expertise in the intelligent recognition of characters, images, videos. What is more, we are capable of running projects that tackle issues connected with geospatial researches and industrial machine vision. With AI services from Vidolab, you can be sure that know all ins and outs about your business. Feel free to challenge us with your projects and enjoy the top computer vision services now!


Industrial Machine Vision

As a manufacturer, you are sure thing interested in the optimization of your business. This is exactly what computer vision services from Vidolab can help you with. With our assistance, you will be able to see the full picture about how to get your company headed in the right direction. There are quite a few AI services that are directly applicable to industrial optimization. The most popular Vidolab services in this niche include:

Industrial Machine Vision

Computer Vision Guidance

Due to our advanced machine vision applications, you will be able to facilitate the process of finding and locating your goods to the fullest. We can also develop user-friendly solutions for pattern matching purposes. With Vidolab computer vision services, you will be able to compare objects in terms of size, color etc. to guarantee the quality of your goods.

Damage Detection

Once you opt for Vidolab computer vision services, you start getting data about all detrimental factors that have an effect on your business performance, regardless of how minor they may seem. We can also come up with AI services that will trigger a coping/reject mechanism once a problem is detected. Possible options are stopping the production line, informing an operator, ejecting a faulty item from the line etc.

Distance Measurements

Make sure that all your production lines meet the (legal) specifications in terms of placement. Supervise the manufacturing process in detail to prevent irregularities that come hand in hand with checking safety seals/caps/rings as well as packaging and storing.

The best part about industrial machine vision services from Vidolab is that they cover the whole lifecycle of an enterprise. We will be glad to single out the optimization options, create software, and choose equipment that caters to your needs to the fullest. Feel free to bombard us with issues you need to get optimized!

Explore other industrial machine vision options.


Intelligent Character Recognition

Thanks to the advanced computer vision services from Vidolab, you will be able to have a prompt access to data you are interested in. We are providing the intelligent character recognition services that include the recognition, processing, and (if needed) systematizing the data. Our intelligent character recognition services cover all sorts of data. Even if it seems impossible at first, we will make sure that your information is properly handled. We can provide AI services promptly regardless of such factors:

Intelligent Character Recognition

Type of Data

We are capable of proving the intelligent character recognition for data stored as text or scanned documents. Recognizing all sorts of codes (like barcodes or data matrix codes) is also possible when required. As for the text data, we will cope with any characters, handwritten or typed on a mechanical/electromechanical typewriter as well as on a computer.

Age of Data

We can achieve up to 95%+ accuracy with the data that is relatively old. By “relatively old” we mean data that is even 50+ years old. No matter how much your data has been exposed to sunlight and oxygen, no matter what type of paper your data is printed on - we will find the way to get it well-documented.

Patterns of Data

Our team can also provide you with excellent ideas for tracking certain features of characters you want to identify. For instance, if you want to track a unique pattern within data, e.g. color, we will be glad to do it for you. Also, with our computer vision services, it is possible to identify characters based on several patterns (like color, shape, and size).

You can implement AI services connected with intelligent character recognition in numerous ways. Be it a scientific work or a commercial venture, our intelligent character recognition services will help you take the project in question to the next level. We will create the software to recognize, process and even verify the analyzed data.

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Image Recognition

There are many fields where the image recognition services may be of help to your business. These fields are:

Image Recognition

Safety Issues

As the professional image recognition services include the face recognition, you can be sure that only your staff can have access to your enterprise. More reliable than a traditional ID, the face recognition is the most advanced way of checking your employees’ identities and granting the right to perform specific tasks.

Production Optimization

To begin with, if you are capable of tracking what objects are on a production line, you have more control over the production process in general. Also, image recognition can be helpful if you want to implement advanced sorting technologies. Detecting goods that differ in, let’s say, color from the approved images at the early stages can help you minimize the production cost.


With the image recognition, you will be able to track what goods are present/absent in your shop within seconds. The best part is that you do not need any third-party assistance to learn how many goods are available for purchase at any given moment. In addition, the image recognition can be applied to help you track the most profitable layout patterns for your goods and products.

Vidolab can successfully perform the image recognition for different data sources. These sources can be a still image, a video, a graphic, or even a live streaming video. Once analyzed, the data can be used to start reaction mechanisms. For instance, if a recognized image of a chosen object coincides with the ideal patterns, the software we develop can sort or mark the appropriate object with a tag or a label. Another reaction mechanism could be to inform the staff responsible for chosen objects about the current situation, alongside with recommendations and remarks.

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Video Tracking

The times are long gone when the real-life surveillance performed by a camera was the only type of video tracking services. With the growth of computer vision programming, video tracking has transformed into a powerful tool for gathering data about different objects. The range of these objects is wide and includes people (especially children), body parts (mainly heads and hands), animals, vehicles, parts of manufactured goods etc.

Three Aspects that Videos Can Cover in the Best Light

  1. For starters, a video is an excellent tool to define the location of an object.
  2. In addition, dynamic (unlike an image), a video can capture the speed of an object.
  3. Furthermore, a professional video can provide you with the data concerning the direction of movement for any given object.

Why Video Tracking Services?

You can use the video tracking data for numerous purposes. For instance, with Vidolab AI services you can predict the next movement of an object with high accuracy. Also, we can develop the software that offers you different reaction operations once a specific object is recorded on a video. For example, if an object is not visible for a certain period of time, the software can immediately inform a responsible employer about the fact.

Video Tracking

It is also important to know that if you choose Vidolab for computer vision services, you can be sure that the video tracking process will run smoothly at all stages. Our consultants will help you choose the appropriate equipment for video tracking in terms of price and quality. In addition, we can provide you with insights about what sort of camera (static or non-static) will cater to your needs to the fullest. Also, we can advise you on the proper location of cameras as well as their installation.

Give video tracking a try with Vidolab computer vision services.


Video Recognition

The video recognition services from Vidolab are all about analyzing videos concerning the content they contain. We can get your videos tackled in numerous ways, namely in terms of:

Video Recognition

Identifying Gestures

If you are conducting a research on the body language and gestures, we can help you optimize the research to the fullest. Build a comprehensive analysis of, let’s say, facial expressions of respondents in your scientific research with our computer vision services. You will enjoy the accuracy and the promptness of our findings!

Tracking Down Visual Objects

If you opt for video recognition services, you will be thrilled to see how professionally our team can provide you with information on any type of objects appearing on a video. Be it a scheme, a photo, a piece of furniture, a trademark, we will track it down and make sure that you know how to find it.

NB: The type of video does not influence the accuracy of the analysis we conduct. Grayscale or color, low resolution or high definition, your videos will be properly dealt with. Also, we are capable of retrieving data not only from video sequences but also from live video streams. When needed, the data retrieved from videos can be used to facilitate your work on future video projects. For instance, Vidolab can be of assistance if you need to create a professional video collection. Thanks to the advanced sorting options we will create for your collection, you can sort out videos that contain, let’s say, specific nouns used in the video speech. In other words, your video data is safe in hands of Vidolab team!

Discover more about Vidolab video recognition services.


Geospatial Services

The geographic information system (aka GIS) software that we develop at Vidolab is aimed at ambitious companies worldwide that want to bring their business to the new level. Most of the clients who choose our geospatial services work for municipal committees, transportation companies, or businesses in the gas & oil/mining/chemical industries. We are happy to help you create:

Geospatial Services


It does not matter what part of our planet you need to see, we at Vidolab will apply our best AI services to help you within the shortest terms. By removing the effects of the image perspective, correcting this image distortion, and adding color balance we make sure that your orthoimages look accurate to the fullest.

Smart 2D or 3D Vector Maps

These maps can be filled with any specific data about all sorts of man-made or natural objects, e.g. existing and functioning electricity poles. To make these maps as detailed as possible we use not only digital photos but also spacial images.

3D Topographic Maps

We are ready to prepare the thematic data and create exhaustive maps that will cover as much territory as you need. By “exhaustive ” we mean maps that contain data on elevations, water bodies, roads, vegetation and any other features you can think of.

Digital Topography Models

These models allow you to visualize the difference between current and the desired topography effectively. Logistics specialists, architects, and urban planners will benefit from the detailed models from Vidolab. We can even come up with the ideas about creating new topography objects by analyzing landscapes, i.e. mountains.

You will enjoy working with Vidolab thanks to the excellent price-performance ratio we offer!

Experience the full scope of geospatial services from Vidolab.

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