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Vidolab is one of the leading providers of the advanced solutions for AI-based visual content search and recognition. We offer you state-of-the-art video recognition software for the comprehensive video content analysis. Whether you want to detect and identify visual objects, faces, emotions, actions or events in the real time, we’re here to serve you. Whatever your business field is, we are able to find the best possible answer. With Vidolab you’ll get the video recognition software customized according to your specific needs capable of enhancing your workflow efficiencies.


The Essence of Video Recognition

Video recognition is an integral part of video content analysis. It helps find meaning in loads of visual data people deal with daily. The video recognition technology dives deep into the video content to identify it. It carefully analyzes your video stream (either real-time or offline) frame by frame to create useful information about the content.

Video recognition software allows you to detect any type of visual objects that appear in your video. Moreover, it enables you to identify certain emotions, gestures or actions. In fact, video recognition resembles human vision, when we immediately recognize objects in the stream of the related images we see and identify what’s going on around us.

Video content analysis makes it possible to process, correlate, and react to thousands of concurrent video streams. That’s why it’s not surprising that video recognition technology is now widely used in miscellaneous fields. They include safety and security, healthcare, transportation, retail, entertainment, and home automation to name just a few.


The Benefits of Video Recognition

Being an inevitable part of video content analysis, video recognition is an initial step to:

Reliable Protection

Video surveillance has become a common thing nowadays. Millions of indoor and outdoor cameras are situated in various places to protect offices and homes from intruders. Unfortunately, there are certain obstacles a human operator runs into while monitoring the video stream on his own. They are a long distance, poor lighting, bad weather conditions, etc. As a result, he’s not always able to see a moving object.

Unlike a human eye, intelligent video recognition software doesn’t depend on the environmental conditions. It can detect the intruder with high reliability in spite of rain or darkness.

Prediction and Prevention

Video content analysis makes it possible to transform enormous amount of video data into actionable insights. Thus it enables to improve preventive security strategies long before the emergency occurs. The alert notifications in real-time allow you to take swift, decisive actions if required.

What’s more, in case of an accident, it won’t take you long to make a post-event analysis. Video content analysis gives you an opportunity to identify what entities are in your video content and when they appear. You can retrieve all the relevant information you need within the entire video or per frame.

Right Marketing Solutions

Actually, video content analysis can serve not only for recognizing threats and enhancing security. It can also be used by retailers to improve their marketing strategy thus increasing sales.

Video content analysis is successfully used to define the busiest hours in stores as well as track the customers’ behavior. Emotion and action video recognition let business owners figure out which departments and items are in the highest demand. As a result, they get valuable information that helps them optimize customer service and operations. In other words, they can use these insights to increase ROI and drive marketing decisions.


Video Recognition Software to Find a Needle in a Haystack

Vidolab deals with each and every issue concerning video content recognition. Our highly-qualified developers work hard to offer you the most powerful and intuitive tools for your video content analysis. As a result, our clients get customized effective video recognition software that helps make the most from their video feeds.

Object Recognition

Object Recognition

Object recognition is aimed at identifying various visual objects in video streams for their classification or further tracking. Actually, the nature of the object doesn’t matter. Whether you want to identify people, cars, animals, or luggage, it’s a piece of cake with Vidolab video recognition services. We can provide you with an object recognition algorithm capable of processing a huge number of variations your object can have in the environment. Such variations include scale, rotation, position, etc. This means that even if your object is moving or partially occluded, the algorithm will be able to find it.

Face Recognition

The main purpose of face recognition is to identify a person (or people) in videos. Face recognition technology is based on face detection, feature point extraction, and face matching. It allows you to find every person registered in your database. If reliable face recognition software is the thing you’re looking for, don’t go further with your search. Vidolab can help you get the most advanced algorithms featuring high authentication accuracy. The best thing is that you’ll be able to recognize faces even in dynamic, uncontrolled environments such as bustling streets and overcrowded malls.
Face Recognition
Emotion Recognition

Emotion Recognition

Emotion recognition is an effective blend of psychology and technology. A human face possesses a superior expressive ability. Therefore, facial expressions are important communicative cues that constitute 55% of the effect of a communicated message. Thanks to the emotion recognition software business owners can learn a lot about the feelings their products arouse. In case you want to determine which products evoke strong emotions and would perform better in the market, Vidolab can be really helpful. We provide up-to-date emotion recognition algorithms that detect faces within a video and sense micro expressions. They analyze the relationship between points on the face and compare them to the databases compiled in academic environments.

Action Recognition

Action recognition is all about identifying different actions that appear (or not appear) in your video. It allows recognizing the actions of a single person as well as multiple people interaction and crowd behavior. It’s successfully employed today in various spheres from safety and security to healthcare and ecological monitoring. Whether you want to recognize abnormal activity, monitor the actions of patients, or analyze the behavior of animals, Vidolab is at your disposal. We can assist you by providing state-of-the-art algorithms for automatic detection and recognition of miscellaneous actions. With our software, you’ll be able to recognize hundreds of basic activities. Besides, we can fine-tune it to recognize additional actions you are interested in.
Action Recognition
Video Summary

Video Summary

If you know what the summary of the text is, it won’t take much effort to understand the advantage of the video summary. Unquestionably, some archived videos (for instance, a security one) can be long and boring. It may include lots of scenes with just static background without any objects of interest. As a result, such archived video review for reconstructing events is a time-consuming process. Vidolab can help you save your time and effort. The video recognition software we provide is able to turn a long archived video into a short, manageable video summary. By analyzing your video frame by frame, it will remove unnecessary data such as static or empty scenes.

Video Search and Video Collections

It’s not a secret that some businesses store an enormous amount of video files they are working with. However, sometimes finding the information you need is a real challenge. As a result, loads of generated high-quality content ends up in someone’s anonymous folder or cloud storage. Fortunately, Vidolab is able to offer you an effective solution. We can assist you in making your video highly searchable and discoverable. By extracting metadata we can identify what entities are in your video content and when they appear. This data will help index your video content thus making it easy to organize and search.
Video Search and Video Collections

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Vidolab Recent Project on Video Content Analysis

Vidolab Recent Project on Video Content Analysis

Actions speak louder than words, they say. Here, at Vidolab, we completely share this wise saying. That’s why we are pleased to introduce you one of our latest projects that shows our video recognition services in action.

Vidolab Vehicle Number Plate Recognition was a project developed for the Government of Georgia. It was aimed at recognizing and tracking stolen vehicles. The tasks solved were as follows:

  • to create a really good CV algorithm
  • to automatically recognize the vehicle plate
  • to track the recognized vehicle
  • to detect the stolen vehicles.

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Wise Video Recognition Solution for Business and Household Use

It’s quite obvious that video recognition makes sense in any situation where video monitoring and review are required. Here are just a few fields where it is successfully employed nowadays.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

  • Identification of abandoned or suspicious objects
  • Recognition of suspicious activities
  • Perimeter protection to prevent intrusion in restricted areas
  • Theft and vandalism detection
  • Monitoring crowds for prevention of riots and accidents


  • Parking surveillance and license plate recognition
  • Prevention of vandalism and threats in public transport vehicles
  • Detection of drowsiness and intoxication of drivers
  • Detection of the suspicious luggage left in public transport vehicles
  • Detection of illegal driving (speeding, red light violation, etc.)


  • Recognition of emotions certain products evoke
  • Defining of dwell time customers spends in certain areas (departments)
  • Managing queues and average waiting time
  • Identification of VIPs in a timely manner
  • Authentication of known shoplifters
Smart Homes

Smart Homes

  • Security and asset protection
  • Smooth interaction between people and appliances
  • Support of elderly and disabled people
  • Baby monitoring
  • Pet watching
Bank System

Bank System

  • Staff identification
  • Prevention of unauthorized access
  • Authentication of clients to prevent fraud
  • Identification of potential borrowers’ truthfulness and reliability
  • Cash trapping prevention at ATMs


  • Detection of slips and falls to protect patients
  • Detection of life-threatening symptoms
  • Monitoring the actions of elderly patients
  • Prevention of professional athletes’ injuries
  • Facilitation of training
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The Advantages of Vidolab Video Recognition Software

Vidolab video recognition software for video content analysis boasts high accuracy together with ease of use. We do our hardest to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. With our video recognition software you get:

Comprehensive Video Content Analysis

Vidolab video recognition software is capable of analyzing your real-time video in various aspects and categorizing content automatically. Whether you want to detect faces, identify gestures, actions, and emotions or track down visual objects, it's all at your disposal.

Great Performance Regardless of the Situation

Our video recognition software is able to recognize visual objects and actions even in the most complex scenarios. Its performance depends neither on weather conditions nor on camera angles. Whatever conditions are, you’ll surely get the complete analysis you need.

Absence of False Alarms

We offer video recognition software that can filter out noise, for instance, lighting changes or movement of trees and animals. It prevents you from false alarms thus significantly improving reliability. Wherever your camera is situated, it won’t have any impact on the quality of the video content analysis.

Customized Solution Meeting Exactly Your Needs and Budget

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Whether you’re a large enterprise, a small company or an individual, we guarantee that you’ll get video recognition software customized to your unique needs. What’s more, its total cost will fully depend on your requirements and budget.

Qualified Support from Real Pros

Together with Vidolab video recognition software you get skilled assistance of our experienced tech team. We provide you with professional advice on the optimal camera selection. Also, we can recommend on the camera placement and installation. Besides, whatever issue occurs, you can always contact us to get an exhaustive consultation.

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